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XAware 5.6
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About The Project

XAware Release 5 is all about the engine. While the Designer has many new usability enhancements, the engine has been overhauled. A major factor in the decision to open source XAware was the need for a modular engine design based on an industry standard framework. We chose Spring and never looked back. In addition to the features listed below, the engine is now very extensible because new BizComponents and BizDocument processing commands are simply engine instructions which plug into the Spring framework.

What's new in Release 5:

  • Spring based infrastructure for better flexibility and extensibility. Can also access Spring beans in functoids, Java BizComps, and custom instructions
  • Xpath 1.0 (upgrade from the current Xpath subset in 4.x)
  • Support for JTA transactions
  • Flexible and highly granular transaction support. Transaction scope can now be defined within BizDocument sections rather than only at the top level
  • Improved SQL performance due to use of prepared statements
  • Flexible control over database pooling
  • Improved error handling: modeled after Java exception handling with layered handlers and user-generated exceptions
  • Aliasing for BizView files. Friendly names can be assigned to fully qualified names like myproject/cust/getCust.xbd
  • Management enhancements for easier deployment and activation of BizView files
  • General-purpose variables are now supported (were custom functoids)
  • Improved streaming to ensure streaming and non-streaming structures remain the same
  • More flexible batch mode execution, allowing BizView file list definition for scheduled or ETL type integrations
  • Connector environment variables allow communication between connector and BizDocument, e.g. server host and port available as variables to BizDocument; BizDocument can specify output encoding and pretty-printinig options

Functionality contained in Release 4.5 that will not carry over to Release 5:

  • SAP BizComponent. We were using a 3rd party module that cannot open source.
  • Corba BizComponent. We have not seen this used on an integration project in some time.
  • RMI BizComponent. Same as Corba
  • SNMP. We are using a 3rd party module that cannot open source.

Does anyone need SAP, Corba, SNMP or RMI for an integration project or SOA deployment?  If so, please submit feature requests in the Future Directions Forum


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Which data source and BizComponent combinations do you most frequently use?