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TOPIC: Supporting Enterprise to Enterprise Interactions
pdango (User)
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Supporting Enterprise to Enterprise Interactions 12 Years, 3 Months ago Karma: 2  
As enterprises compete in the marketplace, they forge business relationships not only with their customers but also with other enterprises to deliver the profitable products and services to the marketplace. Most likely the enterprise that can efficiently and effectively deploy the infrastructure to support these relationships will succeed, if not dominate, over the competition.

Many aspects of this infrastructure are important, but the most significant in the context of enterprise agility are cost, communication capabilities, message models, and scale.

When an enterprise elects to use proven open source technologies such as MySql and XAware, positive side effects can occur. The money that would have been used to pay for expensive licenses of database and messaging products from IBM or Oracle, can now be used to innovate and discover better and more profitable ways to offer services and products in the marketplace. Acquisition of the software from open sources are definitely more efficient than getting them from pricey vendors. The internet is rich in information regarding the use of these technologies, that now it is a prevalent practice to consult the internet for answers rather than consulting the paper based documentation.

When the repertoire of communication capabilities of an enterprise is extensive, then it can reach and can be available to a wider segment of the market. Out of the box, the XAware suite provides communication capabilities using HTTP, HTTPS, JMS, EBJ, CORBA, RMI, SOAP, EMAIL, SNMP, Web Services, SQL. It goes further by providing the capability to intermixed these capabilities according to the communication model that the enterprise and its partners have agreed to implement. Depending on the business activity, an enterprise can elect to expose a synchronous or an asynchronous service . For example, an enterprise may elect to receive transactions via JMS and send transaction confirmation or status to its partners via web services they publish in the internet. Or they can receive the transaction via HTTP/S and send an immediate confirmation response in the same session.

Having communication protocol standards in the marketplace helps minimize the chaos in transacting business with multiple partners in the industry. Furthermore it increases participation in the marketplace as business in varying sizes can interact with each other through an industry wide communication protocol. Protocols, just to name a few, that are widely used in some industries are ACORD, SWIFT, HL7, and FpML. Most enterprises today have limited capabilities to conform to communication protocol standards. They either do not have the expertise to do so, or they do not have the tools that will enable them to do so in an efficient cost effective manner. XAware provides the set of tools that these enterprises need; tools that are easy to learn and use. Out of the box, provides tools to read and parse data streams to and from XML formats. They can transform one XML format into another format without writing code. XAware provides the Multi-format File BizComponent that can transform multi-formatted records in a file into XML. It has the T2X BizComponent that can transform very complex data streams into XML using regular expressions. There is the XML Mapper BizComponent that can transform one XML document to another. And of course, the SQL BizComponent that can create an XML document from data stored in various tables in a relational database system.

Enterprise operations must be predictable when it is open for business. That is it must be accessible at its scheduled presence in the marketplace, and it must execute as expected when services are requested. Enterprises must have an infrastructure that can sustain the processing load brought about by activities of their business. Furthermore, they need to have failover and backup capabilities to enable continuous operations when catastrophic failures happen. XAware can be deployed as an enterprise application running in a J2EE compliant application server such as IBM Websphere, BEA Weblogic, and Oracle Application Server. It comes pre-packaged with the JBOSS application server which is also an open source platform. In this environment, an XAware solution can rest on the protection against failure and guarantees of performance afforded by the various configurations of the application server being used.
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Supporting Enterprise to Enterprise Interactions
pdango 2007/11/08 19:05
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