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Getting Started

XAware is the most full featured, open source data integration tool available today. It’s designed for SOA, built on standards and plugs into ESBs, application server stacks and embedded applications. XAware has extensive built-in support for database transactions, messaging systems, structured/unstructured text, XML schemas and more. Field-proven, XAware is in production worldwide in over 40 mission critical implementations in the banking, insurance and government sectors.

XAware includes a design environment and a run-time engine. The XAware Designer is an Eclipse plug-in design tool for creating, testing, and deploying standards-compliant web services and data integration applications. The XAware Engine is capable of running and managing concurrent web services, where each service may be invoked through different Connectors and data accessed and transformed through multiple Adapters. It is multi-threaded, scalable, clusterable, optimized for XML processing, highly reliable and offers high volume transaction processing capabilities.

Key Features:

XAware Designer

  • Eclipse IDE plug-in for creating, testing, and deploying standards-compliant web services
  • Graphical display using UML Activity Diagrams
  • Web services are built using configurable and reusable components
  • Components and related meta data are cataloged and easily searched
  • Micro-workflow capability including conditional logic and business rule processing
  • Support for complex industry standard XML schemas
  • Full support of web services styles including RPC Encoded, RPC Literal, Document Literal and Document Literal Wrapped
  • Graphical drag-and-drop mapping of source elements to target data sources
  • Wizard-driven processes allow design-time access to J2EE-managed resources such as data connection pools managed by an application server
  • Wizard-driven support for configuring and mapping complex SQL or dropping in pre-built SQL expressions
  • Debugging and validation tools within the design environment speed service creation and testing
  • Simple packaging and deployment of services using XAware application archive (XAR) files

XAware Engine

  • J2EE application that can deployed on application servers (WebSphere, WebLogic, Oracle, Sun, JBoss), on web servers (IIS, Apache, Tomcat), embedded within custom applications or deployed standalone.
  • Modular architecture built on the Spring framework
  • Multi-threaded, scalable, clusterable
  • Optimized for XML processing
  • High volume transaction processing capabilities
  • Comprehensive log and statistic viewing through browser interface

XAware Adapters and Connectors

  • Interface to structure and unstructured text using File BizComponent, or Multi-format BizComponent
  • Relational database connectivity through SQL BizComponent or Stored-Procedure BizComponent
  • Link Java classes through Java BizComponent
  • Plug into messaging queues through JMS BizComponent or MQ BizComponent
  • Interface to web service interface through SOAP BizComponent or HTTP BizComponent
  • Map XML source and target structures through XML Mapper BizComponent or XSL BizComponent
  • Mainframe integration to COBOL Copybooks
  • Invoke XAware applications through HTTP, Java API, messaging, or SOAP
  • Add in-line custom business logic using Functoids

XAware - Under the Hood

To learn more about XAware's core technology:

Look inside the XAware engine read the XAware Architecture Overview

For a 12 minute high-level overview watch the XAware Technology Overview Flash

For a detailed overview read XAware Technology Overview whitepaper

Why not just use code for integration?

The Designer has built in tools for component catalogs, problem log tracking, debugging, log viewing, automatic data structure mapping, WSDL generation and testing, schema to instance generation, and more

  • Pre-built interfaces that can be configured
  • Web services can quickly be re-tooled to connect with different messaging interfaces or web service protocols
  • XAware applications are built using XML metadata which is easy to read and easy to reuse
  • Built-in statistics and monitoring instrumentation, exposed through JMX


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