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How to Report Bugs

If you believe you have found a defect or you want to request a feature enhancement, there are two ways you can bring this to the attention of the XAware community.

Please check to see if it is already a known issue by searching in the Tracker and the Forum. If you are unsure about a defect, ask the community on the Forum before opening a tracker item.

Please note: You will need to visit our SourceForge Project in to report the defect or request an enhancement. This is the only method to submit bug reports.

View Bug Tracker

If no one has reported the bug or requested a similar enhancement, submit an issue in the Bug or Enhancement Requests Tracker in the Xaware Open Source Project on SourceForge.

Tracker Report Information
When you submit a bug in the tracker, it is important to provide as much information as possible regarding the possible issue or requested enhancement. Too much information is better than too little.
For example, include:

  • Category (tracker drop down menu)
  • Group (tracker drop down menu)
  • Include the Build number in the Detailed Description field
  • Screen shots of the error message or behavior you are seeing including a sequence of events or work flow that got you here. This is extremely helpful.
  • xbd and xbc files
  • Test data

Basically, if possible, include everything that someone in the community will need in order to replicate the problem on their end.

Checking For Previous Reports
It is important that you check to see whether a similar report has already been made. The team is constantly working on the code base and your particular issue may have already been resolved.


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