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Basic Training - Mapping XML
This 30 minute demonstration will show how to map XML from one format to another format, using XAware. Due to technical difficulties, the first three minutes of this session were not recorded and covered how existing XSL stylesheets can be used for XML transformation if you have them. The majority of the webinar demonstrates the XML Mapper BizComponent, which allows you to transform XML to XML without having to use XSL. This session shows how to map element values and entire XML structures, how to map nested repeating elements in-line or by calling another reusable BizComp, and introduces the xa-results:: XAware axis.
This session, presented by Paul Richards,  was recorded on April 29th, 2009. 
  Note: Some Browsers may not correctly display the video controls for this recording.  If you do not see controls, please right-click in the black area of the screen to select Start/Pause, Stop and then select Zoom | Full Screen to see controls and view this session at the correct resolution (1024x768).  FireFox users can also download a new Windows Media Player plug-in here.