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linuxData Servicesbizdocument 10 Sep 2010 8:15 AM
BizDocument execution ending oddly after publishing to Linux by voconnor


One of our customers recently encountered an issue when executing their BizDocuments on a Linux server within the supplied Apache Tomcat. The BizDocument execution worked perfectly locally, but upon publishing and executing on the server, the following error appeared after each execution:

XAware exception executing Biz Document: Failure executing BizView: ***.xbd org.xaware.shared.util.XAwareException: Failure executing BizView: ***.xbd caused by java.lang.NullPointerException

After researching the issue, we determined the problem is with Linux permissions and our error message.

First, we'll be making changes to log this error but bypass it rather than throwing an exception when the user does not have adequate permissions.

For now, however, we have a few options available to implement a resolution and we highly recommend the first option.

  1. Grant the Linux user that will be starting Tomcat permissions to port 161. This could also be accomplished by granting the user permission to "sudo" while starting Tomcat or you could simply start Tomcat as a user with permissions to ports lower than 1024 such as "root". We believe granting the user sudo permissions will resolve the issue … you would just need to remember to sudo prior to starting Tomcat.

  2. Change the port in configuration files for SNMP to be higher than 1024. With this option, you should exercise caution to ensure that no port conflicts are introduced.

  3. Comment out the SNMP capability for the server. This will have a negative impact on functionality such as the Management Console as it depends on this capability for statistics and notifications.

We're happy to report our customer chose option 1 and reports that “BizDoc execution terminates successfully as expected!”

Ah, that's good to hear – thanks Coherence!

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