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Untagged  4 Aug 2010 11:54 am
Custom Functoids and Compatibility with Java 1.6 by voconnor

One of our customers was recently working with custom functoids, a handy feature if we do say so ourselves. They encountered a problem that we'd like to share with you here, so you don't run into the same problem.

The customer created a public Java class with a public static string method and parameters. These particulars don't matter as much as the problem they ran into, which was this: when trying to apply the custom functoid in Designer, and select the class, no methods appeared. 

Our team wasn't initially able to replicate the problem, and following the standard procedure of compiling the code, deploying it to dynamic/jars, and applying the functoid worked just fine.

Then, our customer realized we were compiling against different compatibility levels. XAware uses Java 1.5 and they had accidentally compiled their code against 1.6.

Now, in most cases we don't find compatability issues with Java 1.6, but this appears to be one situation where it matters. After re-compiling against 1.5, the customer's methods were picked up and everything displayed and worked perfectly.

Thanks to our customer and our internal XAware team for their efforts ... all is right again.  Have a great week folks!

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