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SOA and Integration Technology, XAware Tips & Best Practices

Untagged  23 Feb 2012 10:26 am
Data Management for the Rest of Us by kvandersluis Comment (0)
Data Management for the Rest of Us
The Three W’s of Data Management

As companies increasingly treat data as a valuable asset, Data Management practices have become more visible in the enterprise. Having specialized in integration for a long time, I have developed a very integration-specific view of the information techn

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SOAservice oriented 21 Aug 2009 7:49 am
SOA Enlightenment by kvandersluis Comment (2)

This month, Gartner released the 2009 "hype cycle" curve, showing SOA has finally emerged from the "trough of dissillusionment".  As Gartner tells us, SOA is no different than other technologies, moving from initial inception, to extreme vendor hype, to dissilusionment as users feel swindled when reality falls far short of expectations.  See Joe McKendrick's ar

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XAwareSaaSenterprise integrationData Integrationcloud 22 Jun 2009 6:11 am
Cloud-based Integration by kvandersluis Comment (1)

There has been a lot of press over the last year about cloud computing.  Web-based applications like have demonstrated the utility and cost-effectiveness of cloud-based resources.  Integration vendors have also begun providing products designed for the cloud.  Like the few other cloud-based integration products, the XAware engine can be installed and run in a cloud

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sparxentservice-enablementData Integration 6 May 2009 10:15 am
XAware to be Acquired by Sparxent by kvandersluis Comment (0)
Today, XAware, Inc. agreed to be acquired by Sparxent , a world-wide provider of technology and business solutions to mid-market companies.  What does this mean to the XAware community and the project?  At this point, I can tell you that no major course changes are on the horizon.  The friendly XAware people you se

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Untagged  21 Apr 2009 8:06 am
Make software pay by kvandersluis Comment (0)

A recent front-page article by Jeff Feinman in SD Times, "Bottom Line: Software had better pay", warns that economic conditions mandate any funded project better begin paying back immediately.  Supply chain management and automation improvements are cited as types of projects that continue to be funded during this econo

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SOAservicesinterchangeable partsAnne Thomas Manes 7 Jan 2009 10:19 am
Essense of SOA by kvandersluis Comment (0)
Anne Thomas Manes’ recent article proclaiming the death of SOA has started a firestorm across many SOA and IT-related blogs and forums.  I wrote about it here .  In the post, Anne refers to the severe disillusionment some feel towards the over-hyped term, “SOA”, and proposes we drop the term altogether and simply refer to the co

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SOAservicesgartnerdisillusionmentBurtonAnne Thomas Manes 6 Jan 2009 2:30 pm
Is SOA Dead? by kvandersluis Comment (3)

Burton Group analyst and SOA guru Anne Thomas Manes recently blogged that “SOA is Dead ”, referring to the disillusionment and even disgust some feel towards the over-hyped term.  But she was referring just to the term SOA, not the concept itself.  On the contrary, service orientatio

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Open Sourcelong tailAMR Research 3 Dec 2008 3:24 pm
The Long Tail of IT by kvandersluis Comment (0)

In these days of recession and shrinking IT budgets, development groups are forced to do more with less.  This appears to be an opportunity for growth for Open Source projects, as companies find it difficult to purchase products, or even expand use of products they currently own.  Open source products are available to assist in impleme

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SOAWorldSOA 3 Dec 2008 2:40 pm
SOAWorld 2008 by kvandersluis Comment (0)

This fall’s version of SOAWorld ran November 19-21.  I attended all three days, and presented a session on creating and managing data services for both SOA and RIA environments.  The show was a combined conference that also included the named conferences Cloud Computing World, Virtualization World, and Data Services World.&

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complex event processingCEPBPELActive Endpoints 26 Nov 2008 3:19 pm
Complex Event Processing by kvandersluis Comment (0)

At SOAWorld in San Jose last week, I attended a session by Michael Rowley of Active Endpoints, covering Complex Event Processing (CEP), another TLA (three letter acronym) that is getting some press these days.  This was my first real exposure to CEP, so I’d like to briefly share my thoughts on it for others not familiar with it. 

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