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Untagged  4 Apr 2008 1:05 PM
Mulecon 2008 by tferguson

I just got back from Mulecon 2008, thanks to the Mulesource guys for hosting a great event and for answering all of the questions thrown their way over the 2 day period.   At XAware we don't use muleESB for our product but it is an environment we would like to add value to, thus was my mission, to better understand that environment and to get to know what people are trying to accomplish in that environment.  Well, that is not so easy, because the issues people are tackling with Mule are so diverse there doesn't seem to be one way of doing things, nor just a handful, which speaks the incredible power of the product.

I did learn about some of the future of where MuleSource wants to go with their offerings, mostly to be able to monetize the open source projects, muleESB and muleGalaxy by adding enhancements and higher stability in their commercial offerings.  I got the impression that the commercial versions extend the open source versions, not just only having what was been adequately QA'd into the commercial version, but also including enhancements to things like JDBC batching to the JDBC adaptor.  It was not clear to me if this added functionality would be rolled back into the open source codebase or not, which leads me to wonder, are they producing cripple-ware for the open source world?

I did like their idea of providing a REST pack, which would be a download with all of the components from the forge you would want to do REST.  Mulesource hopes to follow up with other more packs over the next year.  I think XAware could learn from this and as bizviews are built for verticals those could be supplied as packs to be downloaded.

 Finally I learned about several technologies I was not aware of before, the first being Advanced Messaging Queueing Protocol to perform your messaging in a platform agnostic way with RabbitMQ being the implementation talked about. and the second is a great way to build customer on-demand vm-ware installations from Cohesive FT called the elastic server.  Their product gives you the ability to provide choices of what a person would want in their custom build of a vm-ware installation using their browser, it is then built and delivered to you.  It sounds pretty cool and I think it would be very useful to look at for how we deliver XAware.


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