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use casesOpen Sourceexamplesderby 7 Feb 2008 2:48 PM
Open source projects find support in each other by voconnor
Here, at XAware, we enjoy working with all kinds of open source projects, such as Eclipse, SVN, ANT, JBoss, Spring, Cruise Control, Tomcat and many others. One particular open source project became very useful to us as a learning tool, and that is the Apache Derby project.
As we thought hard about how best to demonstrate XAware's ability to seamlessly handle data services, and decided that executable examples would definitely be the way to go. We wanted our examples to present common and not-so-common use cases and scenarios and show you how to build those services. We also felt it was important that you be able to see the results of execution, not just the intended request. So, of course, we hunted around for an open source database tool that would integrate well.
We chose Apache Derby because:
  • it has a very small footprint, which means smaller downloads for you
  • it is based on SQL standards, which many of you use
  • it provides an embedded JDBC driver
  • it was easy to understand and support
During the installation of the XAware plug-in, or all-in-one install, ANT scripts build and load the example databases with sample data. This is important because most of the examples are executable, which means they connect to the example database and execute real BizComponent requests to perform all kinds of CRUD operations. The results are returned to the XAware Designer window, so you can see the affect of each request. Upon installation, you can run examples like these:
  • common use cases
  • controlling data flow
  • controlling workflow
  • transforming xml documents, fragments, and fields
  • transactions and error handling
  • handling large data sets
  • ... and more
Select File|New|Example from Designer to see the full list
We recently listed ourselves in the 'users of Derby' list available as well.
See the help topic, XAware Designer Examples Database, for instructions and information about using the Derby databases and let us know what you think!

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