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voconnor's Blog
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Discussions around content development for XAware

Untagged  20 Mar 2008 10:59 am
Contribute to a discussion on open source writing by voconnor Comment (0)

Until April 6, 2008 a discussion is occurring at this page: initiated by this guy and his project:

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Untagged  20 Mar 2008 10:53 am
Open Source Projects, Open Source Content by voconnor Comment (0)

Some weeks ago, I posted a question on the Eclipse Technical Writer Yahoo group asking whether writers were open-sourcing their content along with the open source Eclipse plug-ins they support and how did they do that exactly? I limited the discussion (upon reminder, thanks!) to open source Eclipse plug-ins as this was the group I was specifically querying. You can review the discussion here:

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use casesOpen Sourceexamplesderby 7 Feb 2008 2:48 pm
Open source projects find support in each other by voconnor Comment (0)
Here, at XAware, we enjoy working with all kinds of open source projects, such as Eclipse, SVN, ANT, JBoss, Spring, Cruise Control, Tomcat and many others. One particular open source project became very useful to us as a learning tool, and that is the Apache Derby project.

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