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Web ServicesSOAJavaData ServicesData Integration 23 Nov 2007 2:19 PM
XAware versus Hibernate for Creating Data Services - It's Easier! by billm
Paul Dango posted this in the forum . I think this is interesting, so I am re-posting it here. Developers who are currently using Hibernate , IBatis , or another Java data persistence solution should take a look at using XAware as a better way tocreate data services with greater functionality and re-use.

The use of web services is now prevalent in the marketplace. Web services for the most part use XML based technologies in the exchange of information between the producer and consumer of a web service. Most often that not, the parties involve have to interact with a relational database to maintain the relevant data in a given transaction. Such interaction requires the mapping of XML data in the web service payload to/from relational database tables. This would normally require mapping XML documents to java objects then to records into the relational database tables. Hibernate and IBatis have been the popular frameworks to map java objects to relational database table records. And JDOM and Xerces are the frameworks for building java objects from XML documents and vice versa.

The XAware framework provides a set of tools that eliminates the need to map data in relational database tables into java objects and then to XML documents to use in a web service interaction. XAware has the SQL BizComponent that has the capability to access the metadata in the relational database system and use this metadata to map the results of a SQL statement into a XML document. The same component can also be used to maintain the records in the relational database table using the information in the XML document. Furthermore one can actually perform create, read, update, delete (CRUD) functions with the SQL BizComponent without writing any java code.

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