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XAware 5.6
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Resources included with XAware Designer to support new users

New users, evaluators, and reviewers will find these resources, which are included with XAware Designer, helpful in discovering, learning, evaluating, and reviewing the software.

Starting Wizard Mode

This option can be selected upon a new installation or started any time by selecting File|New|XAware Service from the Designer menu. This new wizard -- introduced in 5.2 -- steps new users through the process of building a SQL-based XAware service using their own database or one of ours. The screens are pre-populated whenever possible so users can see how XAware services are built without having to do the effort.

Starter Project

The XAware starter project loads on initial install with a supporting example database and a cheat sheet to guide you through a simple template-driven process to build and execute a new XAware service. You can re-load the XAware Starter Project anytime by clearing your workspace or by selecting File|New|Examples|Starter. Executable examples are included in the starter project and you can execute those against the sample database, to see the results.

Cheat Sheets

Included in your install are the following cheat sheets (see the Help menu to open). The XAware cheat sheets are interactive in that they include buttons that start different features within the product.

  • Six Steps to a Service – demonstrates the steps you will follow to build your own services
  • Managing Schemas – demonstrates how to manage your XML schemas in Designer
  • Package and Deploy – demonstrates how to package your services, deploy them to a server, and test them


From the File menu, be sure to check out the fully executable examples for all service types and use cases. Each loads with supporting help to describe the service and execution options. A Derby database loaded with example data supports the examples. Included examples (click for more information) cover many common use cases and methods.


From the Help menu (or by clicking F1), you can open a full help system supporting all the features of Designer, along with Script (xa: elements/attributes) Reference. Also, see the XAware Designer User's Guide for start-to-finish instructions to use the software, and the Getting Started Guide for information on getting started using Designer (see the Getting Started menu just above).


Navigate to this path in your installation <xaware.home>javadoc/api/index.html and open it in a browser. The classes and packages are described there.


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