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XAware Community

XAware accelerates development by simplifying access to multiple data sources, both internal and external. It provides real-time, bi-directional data integration with a service-oriented flavor. XAware makes other tools and frameworks more productive by hiding data access complexity behind "XML views". XML views span any number of data sources, and can read data, write data, or transfer data between sets of sources, all within a distributed transaction.

Features and benefits of the XAware project include:

  • Quickly build Data Services that transform any data source into standardized format
  • Integrated bi-directional data access for multiple disparate data sources
  • Eclipse-based Designer: build, test and debug XML data views
  • Engine runs in a standard container (Servlet, J2EE), as an embedded integration engine, or as a standalone batch processor
  • Access XML views through common technologies like SOAP, REST, HTTP, messaging, or a Java API
  • Simplify data access for SOA and RIA applications and BPM using "Composite Data Services" or "mash-ups"
  • Improve productivity of ESBs, BPEL engines like ActiveBPEL, application server stacks, and embedded applications, by isolating data access to its proper architectural layer
  • Supports database transactions, messaging systems, web services, structured and unstructured text, transformations, cross-system joins, and conditional logic
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  "XAware has been amazing for effectively, efficiently and quickly mapping data into reusable SOA XML components for orchestration of one our most critical SOA services."
~ John Woolbright, SVP and CTO of Synovus