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Using XAware Examples

Examples within XAware Designer are working use cases consisting of pre-built projects (BizDocuments, BizComponents) and a syntax reference to help understand what a specific component will look like. Playing with examples, including making changes and seeing new results, is an excellent way to learn about Designer.

In Designer, select File|New|Example to see the list of available examples.

Select an example and the associated files will be loaded into the Project Navigator pane, just like any Designer project you would build. A dynamically loaded help page will also load. It describes the example in detail, including the steps to execute it and any changes you can make to see a different result. Help can also be re-loaded by selecting the example project and pressing F1 in Designer.

The available examples are described here:

  • Basic XAware Know How - these are recommended for new users and describe some core concepts useful to understanding how the XAware BizViews function.
    • Passing authentication to BizDrivers
    • Path Expressions with XPath
    • PreProcess Data Elements
    • Schema Validation
  • BizComponent Examples - these include examples for each of the BizComponent types supported in XAware
    • Copybook BizComponent Examples and Techniques
    • File BizComponent Examples and Techniques
    • FTP BizComponent Examples and Techniques
    • HTTP BizComponent Examples and Techniques
    • Java BizComponent Examples and Techniques
    • JMS BizComponent Examples and Techniques
    • LDAP BizComponent Examples and Techniques
    • Multi-Format BizComponent Examples and Techniques
    • Salesforce BizComponent Examples and Techniques
    • SMTP BizComponent Examples and Techniques
    • SOAP BizComponent Examples and Techniques
    • SQL BizComponent Examples and Techniques
    • Stored Procedure BizComponent Examples and Techniques
    • XML Mapping BizComponent Examples and Techniques
    • XSL BizComponent Examples and Techniques
  • Common XAware Use Cases - these include typical use cases we've commonly encountered at customer sites, like data migration and synchronization
    • Data Migration and Synchronization
    • Drill Down into Inbound XML
    • Process Inbound XML into a Single Database
    • Publish Data to Multiple Targets
    • Simple Business Service (supports the steps described in the XAware Designer User's Guide)
  • Controlling Data Flow, Joining Data - these include examples of joining data across data sources and how to control data flow through a BizView
    • Joining Data
    • Match and Select Data
  • Controlling Workflow - these include example demonstrating how to define the BizView workflow, including pausing and retrying processes when necessary
    • Conditional processing
    • Terminating processing
  • Handling Large Data Sets - these include examples that demonstrate the use of streaming to handle large data sets
    • Pruning Nodes
    • Streaming
  • Manipulating the XML Hierarchy - these include examples that demonstrate how to manipulate the XML hierarchy to achieve the desired XML results for your BizView services
    • Manipulate the XML Hierarchy
  • Transactions and Error Handling - these include examples demonstrating BizView transaction processing and how to handle errors that can occur
    • Error Handling
    • Transaction Management
  • Transforming XML documents, fragments, and fields - these include examples that demonstrate how to transform data in various ways to achieve the desired results
    • Transforming fields with Functoids and JavaScript
    • Transforming XML documents and fragments with XSL

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