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XAware 5.6
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Webinars and Events

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Upcoming Webinars and Events

Previous Webinars in the Series:

  • 5.4 Basic Training
    Learn XAware basic concepts and see XAware in action as we build a service composing data from a database and a file.
    Presenter: Kirstan Vandersluis
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  • Technical Webinar - Mapping and Transforming XML
    This 30 minute demonstration will show how to map XML from one format to another format, using XAware. We will briefly show how you can invoke an XSL transformation to perform the mapping using XSL. We will spend the majority of the webinar demonstrating the XML Mapper BizComponent, which allows you to transform XML to XML without having to use XSL. We will show how to map element values and entire XML structures, how to map nested repeating elements in-line or by calling another reusable BizComp, and we will introduce the xa-results:: XAware axis.
    Presented: April 29, 2009
    Presenter: Paul Richards
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  • Technical Webinar - Salesforce integration with XAware
    This 30 minute session will demonstrate the SOAP BizComponent using the Salesforce Partner Web Services WSDL. A simple service will be created and executed. The same service will be created and executed using the Salesforce BizComponent.
    Presented: December 17, 2008
    Trainer: Jeff Peters
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  • Technical Webinar - Using Functoids and Extensions to Extend XAware’s Capabilities
    This 30 minute session will demonstrate the use of functoids and extensions to enhance mapping and transformation capabilities in XAware. We will demonstrate using both pre-defined functoids and custom functoids to provide more complex field level transformations for mapped elements, in a simple BizDoc. We will demonstrate the use of extensions to extend the capabilities of XAware by building custom commands, which can manipulate the XML tree structure. We will review the deployment process for Designer and Engine execution. (This session assumes that you are already familiar with XAware Designer, building BizDocs, XAware (XPath) expressions, and Java.)
    Presented: December 3, 2008
    Trainer:  Paul Richards
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