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XAware 5.6
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The DOWNLOAD links appear below. If you would like to Learn More about XAware before downloading, view the Technology Overview video tutorial, read the Introduction to XAware page, or download the XAware Technology Overview (pdf)Click here for a description of Resources for New Users and Evaluators.

We recommend using the Net Installer, which will walk you through component selection and then download and install selected components. If you will not have an internet connection available during installation, choose an Offline Installer. More downloads and installation options are available below, scroll down.

XAware 5.4 GA All-in-One Installer
XAware 5.4
File Type Version Date
Net Installer Windows network installer (~14Mb) EXE 5.4 (Build 356) June 15, 2009
Offline Installer * (~500Mb) EXE
Net Installer Linux and Unix network installer (~1Mb) SH
Offline InstallerLinux and Unix offline installerLinux and Unix offline installer (~500Mb) TAR.GZ
Installers for Mac OS are currently in Beta and can be found on our Downloads page.
High-level installation instructions for these installers can be found here: All-in-one Installation Instructions

Net Installers will allow you to select and download the desired features from the network.
Offline Installers contain all files necessary for installation without a network connection.
* Note: Some browsers show that the publisher cannot be verified with the offline installer. The executable has, however, been signed with the XAware certificate and you can verify it using an external tool if necessary.

If you have Eclipse 3.4.1 installed and want only the XAware Designer plugin, additional add-ons or would like to download Eclipse and the plugin separately for a smaller download of about 265Mb, see this table for your download and plugin configuration instructions.


XAware Designer Eclipse 3.4.1 Plugin and Eclipse Downloads
All Versions Type Description Date
XAware Eclipse 3.4.1 Plugin (Designer Only) Eclipse Updatesite URL The XAware Designer plugin includes everything you need to create, test, and execute services in the design environment. Click the link to the left to obtain configuration and installation instructions for all the available versions. Note: We recommend starting with Eclipse WST all-in-one, which you can download below, as the base into which you download this plugin. Various
Eclipse Jee Ganymede SR1 File Type Version
Windows ZIP Eclipse 3.4.1 with WST (does NOT include XAware - install XAware plugin on top of this)
Linux TAR.GZ Eclipse 3.4.1 with WST (does NOT include XAware - install XAware plugin on top of this)
* Additional add-ons such as the SalesForce BizComponent are also available using the Updatesite URL


Additional downloads of the source code, the XAware Engine-only install, the supporting documents and tutorials, and more, are available in the next tables.


Additional Downloads (Source, Daily Builds)
Source Description
Sourceforge SVN Repository Click the link to the left to view the source code repository for the project.
Daily Builds Description
6.0 Daily builds for active releases
Stable Builds Description
6.0 Current Stable builds for the 6.0 release
XAware Engine Only
Note: Deployment instructions for the EAR and WAR files are located on the wiki. EAR and WAR files can be downloaded using the installer in XAware 5.4.



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"It used to take 4 months to code our Java-based services and deliver a robust data service.  With XAware, the first took 6 weeks, and we now deliver similar services in a 2 week period."

 ~ Rick Verhoeve, Project Manager, AXA Canada


Which data source and BizComponent combinations do you most frequently use?